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    Ugena produces Chicken Powder and Chicken Fat, both for human consumption. These products are used for the production of buckets, stock cubes, soups and stocks, sauces, cold meats, sausages, pts, in injections or mixes, and pre-prepared foods.

    Product characteristics may vary depending on your requirements. For example, we offer 20 kg sacks for Chicken Powder and with regards to Chicken Fat, we offer 20 kg tablets, 25 kg buckets and 950 kg containers, frozen, fresh or room temperature.

    Our Chicken and Chicken Fat can be produced in accordance with Islamic Law, and bear the Halal Certificate. We can also offer them in accordance with the Ecological Agriculture, Welfair and SAE certificates.

    We have also been certified under BRC FOOD and IFS FOOD quality systems.

    * See Quality & Security section